Compensation For Donors

Why We Compensate Donors

You might be a patient's only hope.

Hope For Patients

As a Pareto donor, you get compensated $10,000 to donate because you may be the only person with the ability to save a patient's life. Because HLA type matching is so precise, it's very difficult for patients to find a match, and thousands of patients die every year because they can't find a match. We know it's unusual to get paid to donate, but you could be the only chance a child has for a future. 

Likelihood of a Match

Because there is a one in forty chance of a new donor matching with an unrelated patient, when a donor does match, it's critical to the patient that they are compelled to donate. Sometimes it's difficult to carve time out of your busy life for others, so Pareto makes it easy. You may be the only match for someone!

Recent studies offer promising results for stem cell transplant treatment of diseases such as MS and ALS. With FDA approval, it's likely that donors will have more chances to match with patients.

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