Compensation For Donors

Compensation For Donors

Donors deserve to be compensated for the lives they save

Hope For Patients

Stem cells from an unrelated donor are often the best option for patients suffering from blood-related diseases and cancers such as anemia and leukemia. By joining Pareto, you make it more likely that a patient will find a willing donor. 

Likelihood of a Match

There is an approximately 1 in 40 likelihood of a new donor matching with an unrelated donor, with some matching more than once. In the future, a donors match likelihood is likely to increase due to the recent studies showing the efficacy of PBSC transplants for patients suffering from MS and ALS. 

Compensation for Heroes

Stem cell donors are heroes and they deserve to be compensated. With Pareto, donors receive $10,000 for their stem cell donation. This is a lot of money, but you are providing a potentially life-saving cure. 

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