Donor Timeline

How long does it take to donate?

Can I donate as soon as you receive my swab kit?

Longer Timeline

You might be thinking that you'd like to donate as quickly as possible in order to save a life, just like blood donation. However, Pareto donors have a more specialized role to play. 

Because HLA matching is such a detailed process, with very exact matches needed for most patients, Pareto donors can wait months or even years to donate. Throughout a member's life time in a part of the registry there is a 1 in 40 chance of matching with a patient.

Understanding your commitment

Although Pareto donors can always opt out of choosing to donate at any time, it's important that you understand your commitment. When a patient finds you as a match, you might be their only chance to receive the lifesaving treatment that they need. We ask that you join Pareto understanding this important responsibility, knowing that someone's life could be impacted by this decision.

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