How To Swab

1. Remove A Swab

First, open the Pareto swab kit and remove the swab package from the adhesive. Once you have removed the package, open it and remove a swab. 

2. Swallow

Swabbing is all about moderation. Try to only get a small sample of saliva. Swallow before you swab to limit the amount of dampness on your swab. 

3. 10 Second Brush

Brush your swab against the inside of one of your cheeks for ten seconds. You want to use the same pressure as you would brushing your teeth. 

4. Place Swab On Adhesive

As soon as you have completed your swab, place it on the adhesive as shown on the outline. One more cheek to go!

5. Repeat

One cheek swab complete, now to the next! Simply repeat the steps on the other side of your mouth!

6. Return Kit

Congratulations, you're done! Just put the packaging into the return mailer, seal it, and put it in the mailbox. You are now a Pareto Member!

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